FTV’s partners draw on decades of experience investing in growth equity, as well as significant operating experience within our focus sectors. The ability to connect innovative companies with transformative growth opportunities by leveraging our deep domain expertise and extensive networks provided the original impetus for the firm’s founding as FTVentures® in 1998. Since that time, we’ve invested in over 120 companies across our core sectors.

By keeping our focus on the financial services, payments and enterprise technology industries, we have developed uncommonly deep domain expertise in our subsectors. This enables us to guide our portfolio companies through what has become perhaps the most complex and highly regulated marketplace in the world. By viewing enterprise environments through a financial services lens, we are able to develop a keen sense of corporate pain points and emerging opportunities to resolve them. And our grasp of the myriad intricacies and interconnections within this space delivers decisive competitive advantages that can help drive and sustain rapid growth.

We’ve organized our investment team by sector and sub-sector to increase collaboration and develop deep domain expertise. Each member of the investment team – from partner to associate – participates in every step of the investment process. This enables us to develop succeeding generations of seasoned growth equity investors that can help add value to our portfolio companies. In addition, our dedicated business development professionals help extend our reach by expanding and strengthening our Global Partner Network. This benefits our portfolio companies and our entire investment process.